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Largest Tank Battle In History
Germany vs Soviet Union

1945 Last Film from
the Oder Front:
German Teen Soldiers

Scorched Earth :
Army Group South

Breakthrough on the Oder River:
From the Seelow Heights to Berlin

Panzerwerfer Nebelwerfer Wurfrahmen Rocket Launchers

Rare Jagdpanzer IV Footage

Scorched Earth:
Army Group North

German infantry and Panzers attack a village
on the Eastern Front

German SS Panzers assault on Kharkov 1943

Battle of Seelow, 1945

Storm on Berlin 1945,
Part 1, Vol 3

Storm on Berlin 1945,
Part 2, Vol 2

WW1, Blood & Slush

WW1, Combat Fleets and Submarines

The Firestorm: The Bombing

Defense of a USAAF bomber attack on the Reich

References in Film & Culture

Fat Berta:
The Great Dictator
(Charlie Chaplin)

Battle Outside The Factory

Russian film: White Tiger:
Many T-34's vs Tiger

Older Videos

12th SS Panzer Division in Normandy,1944

12.SS Pz.-Div. "Hitler Youth"

Operation Barbarossa - Invasion of Soviet Union

Operation Barbarossa 1941

Amazing rare newsreel footage of German heaviest artillery, "Thor" and "Schwerer Gustav" in action against Soviet fortress of Sebastopol in 1942. The rail-mounted 800mm "Schwerer Gustav" was the largest artillery piece ever built.  


This video trailer above by Timeline Films, LLC, tells the story of Soviet female aviators in World War Two. With the Germans advancing on Moscow in October 1941, Stalin reluctantly agreed to set up three female flying regiments, of which the most memorable was the 588th Night Bomber Regiment (later known as the "Taman" Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment). These brave women flew obsolete wood-and-canvas Po-2 bi-planes on bombing missions over German lines beginning in 1942. The Germans called them the "NIGHT WITCHES" (Nachthexen). Although these bombing missions rarely caused serious German losses, they drove the Germans crazy by keeping them up at night! By the end of the war, 23 of these female aviators had earned the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, while 30 of the regiment's pilots perished in combat. (I am grateful to Ms Andi Hicks, one of the project organizers, for furnishing me this wonderful video.)

Rare WW2 Eastern Front
Color Footage

The Eastern Front
Heavy Combat Footage

Eastern Front
The Soviets