My principal "service" is to provide the reader with entertaining posts--many offering historical insights into Operation "Barbarossa," Adolf Hitler's surprise attack on Soviet Russia on 22 June 1941 and, to this day, the most costly and destructive conflict in recorded history. (My site will also include a large gallery of photographs from the war.)

Over the past decades, I have collected tens of thousands of pages of documents, hundreds of photographs, and thousands of field post letters (Feldpostbriefe) written by a small fraction of the 10 million German soldiers who fought on the eastern front between 1941/44. I plan to post some of these field post letters on my site, as well as diary entries written by German soldiers, or excerpts from memoirs published often decades after the war's end.

While I am interested in issues such as strategic and operational planning (topics assiduously addressed in my book "Barbarossa Unleashed") my primary fascination has been with the "Krieg des kleinen Mannes"--that is, with the experiences of the common German soldier (the so-called "Landser," their idiom for "G.I.") as they struggled to survive a war characterized by terrible climatic conditions, implacable ideological hatreds, and an enduring scarcity of men and weapons needed to counter to burgeoning armies of the Soviet Union.

The average German soldier also had to contend with a political and military leadership elite which, from the beginning, gave it soldiers in the east free reign to operate outside the canon of international law. Despite the overtly criminal, racialist and genocidal intent of Hitler and his generals, it is this author's contention (which he will address in a blog post of two) that most German soldiers in the east fought as decently and honorably as they could under conditions which can only be described as barbaric. That a small, but hardly insignificant number of German "Landser" were guilty of war crimes is beyond doubt--the subject having been obsessively researched by military historians (particularly in Germany) in recent decades.

In addition to my posts on Operation "Barbarossa," and the Russo-German War in general, I plan to post articles on topics of contemporary interest--inter alia, the 2016 election cycle in the USA, the alarming rise of illiberal attitudes and policies on our "progressive" college campuses, and the ongoing "clash of civilizations" between Islam and the Post-Christian western world (post-Christian at least in Europe, and among most American elites). These are the vital -- even existential -- issues of our time and, since I've carefully pondered them for many years, it's time I actually put "pen to paper" (or is it "finger to keyboard?") and expressed my views on these areas. In this case, I'll have to brace myself for all the nasty mail which will no doubt come my way! What with the world being what it is today.

By the way--if any dear reader of this web site has an idea for a blog post that would interest him or her, just drop me a suggestion or two:

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Dr Craig Luther
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