Russo-German War 1941-45
(Map Section)
Note: Many of the maps seen below are copies of original German military maps. The color maps of the German Army General Staff (such as the first one posted below) are gleaned from: K.-J. Thies, Der Zweite Weltkrieg im Kartenbild. Band 5, Teil 1.1. Der Ostfeldzug Hr.Gr. Mitte, 21.6.-6.12.1941. Biblio Verlag. Bissendorf 2001) 

Copy of an original German Army General Staff map showing position of German /Russian forces in sector of German Army Group Center on eve of Operation "Barbarossa." There are a dozen of these meticulously detailed color maps of the Army General Staff in my book "Barbarossa Unleashed," in 11" by 17" format.

This map illustrates just how close the German Ostheer got to Moscow by December 1941. (Source: D. Stahel, The Battle for Moscow. Cambridge University Press. 2015)

Positions of German 6th Infantry Division in the "Koenigsberg" Line covering Rzhev (Jan-Jul 42)

Original German battle map with positions of 6 Inf.-Div. at Rzhev, 31 Jul 1942 (BA-MA Freiburg)

Original German battle map showing positions of 6 ID at Rzhev, 5 Aug 42. (BA-MA Freiburg)

Positions of 6 ID during heavy fighting around Rzhev. The division would sustain some 3300 losses over a three-week period in August 1942, but would hold on to the city. (BA-MA Freiburg)