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 War and Peace

  1. The Significance of Operation "Barbarossa." (23 March 2016)
  2. The "Unknown Battle of Rzhev, Russia--Jan 42 - Mar 43. (24 March 2016)
  3. My Journey to Rzhev, Russia, in May 2005. (25 March 2016)
  4. General Paulus Plans   "Barbarossa," but his wife  is mortified! (Excerpt from "Barbarossa Unleashed") (27 March 2016)
  5. Dr. Haape fights his War: The Story of "Pan Pankowski." (Excerpt from the impending new edition of Haape's memoir, "Moscow Tram Stop.") (28 March 2016)
  6. My Book Review of Dr. Christian Hartmann's "Wehrmacht im Ostkrieg . . . 1941/42." (29 March 2016)
  7. My Recent Holocaust Lecture at UCSB  and Disturbing Encounter with "Political Correctness." (30 March 2016) 
  8. Why did Operation "Barbarossa" Fail? A Succinct Analysis. (1 April 2016)
  9. Dr. Haape fights his War: "The Long March." (Excerpt No. 2 from Dr. Haape's memoir.) (4 April 2016)
  10. An SS Officer's Experiences in the bloody El'nia Salient (Jul-Aug 41). (Excerpt from the memoir of Otto Skorzeny.) (15 April 2015)
  11. Barbarians Inside the Gates: Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and the Cultural Evisceration of the U.S. Navy. (Published 21 April 2016 as guest blog at the David Horowitz "Freedom Center;" web site: (Posted here on 24 April 2016.)
  12. Dr. Haape fights his War: Letters to fiancee, Martha Arazym, describing the start of Operation Barbarossa. (Excerpt No. 3 from his war memoir.) (23 April 2016)
  13. Contemplating War in Europe. Are the Europeans any match for a Russian assault? (Posted on 5 May 2016 at; posted here on 9 May 2016.)
  14. Mind-boggling Reader Reactions to my Post No. 13 "Contemplating War in Europe..." (15 May 2016)
  15. The Trip of a Lifetime! Following in the Footsteps of Dr. Haape's 6th Infantry Division to the Gates of Moscow!) (30 May 2016)
  16. Report on our remarkable Journey from Berlin to Moscow on the Trail of Dr. Haape's 6th Infantry Division (14 July 2016)
  17. The "Craig W.H. Luther papers, 1941-2013." This post outlines the treasure trove of original documents, rare books, photos, etc., I have donated over the years to the Hoover Archives (Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA). The collection embraces 46 manuscript boxes (as well as a single oversized box = ca. 22 linear feet of materials) used in preparation of my books "Blood and Honor" and "Barbarossa Unleashed," my "Kiev 1943" study; and my detailed chronological studies of Dr. Heinrich Haape (and his family) and his 6th Infantry Division. The collection is now open to the public. (21 August 2016)
  18. My Eastern Europe & Russia Travel Diary on Trail of Dr. Haape's Inf.-Rgt. 18 (Part I) (Note: I'm finally posting the diary I kept during my trip with Dr. Haape's son, Johannes. Because the diary is long and quite detailed, I have elected to post it in two parts. See my "Color Photo Gallery" for well over 100 photos from the trip!) (17 September 2016)
  19. My Eastern Europe & Russia Travel Diary on Trail of Dr. Haape's Inf.-Rgt. 18 (Part II) (17 September 2016)
  20. Assessments of Soviet WWII Weaponry by German Eastern Front Veterans: Part I. (18 November 2016)
  21. Strategic Deliberations of Adolf Hitler and German High Command in Period June - November 1943. (23 November 2016)
  22. The Beginning of Operation "Barbarossa" -- from the Russian Perspective. (28 November 2016.)
  23. Assessments of Soviet WWII Weaponry by German Eastern Front Veterans: Part II. (2 December 2016)
  24. "Mysterious Photos Reveal an Unseen WWII," in: The Moscow Times (4 May 2012) (Article courtesy of Bruce Sadler.) (12 December 2016)
  25. Excerpt No. 2 from my impending new book, The First Day on the Eastern Front: Germany invades the Soviet Union, June 22, 1941 (15 May 2018)
  26. The Final Face Book Holdout finally raises the White Flag! (13 July 2018)
  27. In Honor of my Grandfather--A Brave Trench Runner in World War I (15 July 2018)
  28. Review of my new book, "First Day on the Eastern Front," by Chris Perello for World at War Magazine (29 October 2018)